About Us

FPGA TECH SOLUTION is best known for designing & manufacturing of high-quality, state-of-the-art Engineering Lab Equipments and Electronic Hobby Kits which are extensively used by Industry, Universities Hobbyists, Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Communication & Bio Medical engineers. Our products are easy to use solutions that can be integrated to the customers’ products and projects, is always been our greatest strength.

FPGA TECH SOLUTION is a market leader in cutting edge technology implementation for OEMs, Academic institutions and individual users alike. We strive to simplify difficult technologies so that they can be made suitable for your organization’s needs and can be integrated to OEM solutions with ease. Our primary areas of focus are FPGA based systems/Accelerated Computing and Automation/Data Acquisition Systems.

At FPGA TECH SOLUTION, quality is a rather crucial element that we particularly keen on in the provision of our services. We ensure that all the products we deliver to our customers are of the finest quality. Our FPGA and Accelerated Computing products are built to meet the highest standards of the industry. The products are also built to stoically stand the test of time and deliver unwavering performance for very long time. Our products are delivered across the globe and many satisfied customers are the best guarantee of its first-rate service.