FPGA Design

FPGA Tech Solution’s FPGA design services include designing; building and deploying customized FPGA based solutions (Xilinx, Actel, Altera, Quicklogic, Lattice and Cypress) which integrate both custom FPGA firmware and hardware engineering. We also provide solutions on current generation FPGAs that come in three-dimensional silicon which use Stacked silicon Interconnect, leading to high density and high performance FPGAs. We have a strong FPGA design-to-deployment capability. Our expertise lies in building and deploying customized FPGA and Signal Processing designs and IP Cores that integrate custom software and hardware engineering. FPGATechsolution is committed to delivering the best FPGA and Signal Processing products and systems, meeting the unique requirements of the medical electronics, Aerospace, Defense industry & turnkey projects.


Though many powerful tools are available nowadays to help designing with FPGA, it involves a steep learning process to create designing that utilize the full power of FPGA. Parallelism, efficient routing, on-chip logic usage, IP integration, IO utilization are some of the critical points to be taken in to account during design. This is achieved only with dedicated effort backed by many years of design experience.
FPGATechsolution FPGA design services team has been designing various programmable functional cores and working with various FPGA devices with combined experience of many decades. Our team has worked with major families of FPGAs from vendors like.

  • Altera | Stratix, Arria, Cyclone and MAX
  • Xilinx | Spartan, Virtex, Zynq, Kintex, Artix etc
  • Cypress | PSoc devices
  • Actel/Microsemi | IGLOO, Smartfusion etc

We have also created glue designs and smaller designs with CPLDs – Complex Programmable Logic Devices too.
Our team is well knowledged in RTL coding technologies like VHDL, Verilog etc. Some of the tools we have worked with includes Altera Quartus II, Xilinx Vivado,Xilinx ISE, Mentor Graphics, Libero, Active HDL etc.
With our well designed, documented and efficient RTL coding technique, we have created powerful digital signal processing, HD video and image processing designs involving Audio/video CODECs, trans-coding color space conversions, blending, interlacing, de-interlacing etc. We have done DMA powered on the fly conversions for latency and throughput requirements especially for video streaming applications. In the end of our FPGA Prototyping, the results speak for themselves earning us respect from our customers.
We are the best bet for your IP core development and integration needs. Our test benches and simulation environments thoroughly validates the design before delivery and are integral part of our release cycle.


Apart from creating FPGA prototypes and designs, our extensive embedded hardware design expertise makes us most viable solution provider for FGPA based hardware designs. We have developed a wide range of FPGA hardware boards since our inception involving a multitude of interfaces and processing technologies. We have done both standalone FPGA based designs or FPGA augmented SoC based designs. Our team has worked with various soft and hard core IPs. Our designs have incorporated RAM memory like DDR, DDR2, DDR3, etc, communication interfaces like PCIe, USB, Gigabit Ethernet etc, video interfaces like HDMI, DVI, LVDS, SDI, HD_SDI, 3G-SDI etc.
Our past designs have included soft core processors like Nios II, Microblaze, OpenRISC etc and hard processors like multi-core ARM Cortex, PowerPC, etc. Our embedded software development team has supported in bringing up operating systems like Linux and develops drivers for these custom devices. We have even developed applications on the top to manage like OpenGL, QT, Android Apps etc.
Some of the designs done includes Custom PCIe cards, Optical projectors, EOFCS systems, video acquisition and video processing cards, data encryption cards etc.
We also have a large network of external partners to augment man power specialized in creating reliable FPGA hardware designs. Our FPGA design services team will be your ally and make your journey a cakewalk. We are eagerly available over our contact us page to work with you to develop your design.