PCB Design

In today’s high technology business, faster time to market and cost efficiency is a common challenge that all organizations are facing. We mainly consider design reliability, accuracy, quality, scalability and flexibility.
FPGA Tech Solution, System and Board design group has full turnkey hardware design capability. FPGATechSolution engineering team is pioneerin designing high speed PCB layouts with High Density designs having micro-BGA, for Mother boards, Single euro, Double Euro, Data cards, Video boards, PCI cards, CPCI cards, Power supply boards, & very familiar with memory technologies and routing constraints with high-speed bus, DDRAM memories, other cutting edge technologies such as PCI, PCIX, PCI Express, RapidIO, HyperTransport, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, USB, SPI and complex network interfaces up to OC-12.


  • High pin count BGA designs
  • Designs with fine pitch BGA
  • Production yield optimization in HDI Design Length matched differential pair routing
  • Controlled Impedance designs
  • Group delay and propagation delay matched designs
  • Design with metal clad and metal core construction
  • Design of flexible PCB’s
  • Multilayer PCB’s
  • High Density PCBs – 3000+ components


  • HighSpeed PCB Layout design support from Single Sided to any number of layers.
  • High Frequency Designs, Digital, Analog and Mixed Designs applications.
  • Expertise in designing PCI, CPCI, Mother Boards, FPGAs, BGAs & Backplane Boards.
  • Application of Blind and Buried Vias for HDI boards.
  • High Voltage Power Circuitry artwork.
  • Memory Routing with Daisy and Star Orientation.
  • Designs with Matched Impedance and Length Matching.
  • Layout with Multiple BGAs with Fine Pitch (0.5mm).
  • Development of DFT compatible board by using ICT test points.
  • Design for Metal Core & Metal Clad PCB’s for better cooling effect and longevity.
  • Rigid and flexible PCBs for the High End Applications.


  • FPGATechSolution is tied up with various local and International PCB Manufacturing vendors for the supply of PCBs to provide customers with the best Quality, Schedule and Pricing for each design to be fabricated. Each of our vendors has gone through a rigorous selection process.
  • Our vendors are specialized in production of single/double sided, multi layer circuit boards, FPC flexible printed circuit boards, Rigid-flex PCB, Impendence controlled boards, Special purpose boards, MIL grade boards. Our partners are UL certified with ROHS compliant.
  • We offer both large quantities and prototype numbers in small quantities.
  • Tied up with various local and International PCB Manufacturing vendors for the supply of PCBs.
  • Commercial to Mill grade PCBs are supplied at cost effective prices.
  • Able to support Prototype to Production quantity of scale as per the demand.


  • Drafting schematic from hand written copy or hardcopy to Flat or Hierarchical schematic.
  • Design verification, Netlist generation, BOM generation.


  • FPGATechSolution offers library services as a part of PCB layout or as standalone service.
  • Extensive Library availability ensures faster design turnaround.
  • Capable of building & maintaining the component libraries in line with QC process
  • Option for custom built parts for specific customer standards and DFx requirements.
  • Expertise in creating complex component libraries/press-fit components / electro – mechanical components.