ESP8266 WiFi interfacing with Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA Tested on Spartan6-starter-kit

AT Commands required for web server

1) Ensure AT commands are received correctly (the AT seems not to be case sensitive
but the rest of any command is case sensitive):
Command : AT
Response : OK

2) Enable the module to act as both a “Station” and an “Access Point”
Command : AT+CWMODE=1
Response : OK

3) List surrounding WiFi networks.
Command : AT+CWLAP
Repsonse : You should get a response like:

4) Join a suitable WiFi access point:
Command: AT+CWJAP=”<access_point_name>”,”<password>”
For example, with the above list of access points you might use:

5) Check if the module has been allocated a IP address
Command : AT+CIFSR
Response :You should get your current IP address in response like below

Note: STAIP is important for us as we are using the same address from the remote
location to access the ESP8266. Please note down the STAIP.

6) You can enable the module to accept TCP connections (i.e. act as a server) in the
following manner. Enable multiple connections by sending command.
Command : AT+CIPMUX=1
Response : OK

7) Set the module to listen (first parameter, mode is set to 1 ) for a connection on a
specific port (in this case 80)
Command : AT+CIPSERVER=1,80
Response : OK

8) ESP8266 is ready to accept the connection, Now open peripheral control.html in
chrome, that will looks like as fallowing
With this we can control general purpose LED, Relay, Buzzer & RGB LED on board


All source code can download from here