Spartan 3E FPGA Explorer-3E

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Xilinx Spartan™-3E based VLSI Development Board (SLT-UNI-VLSI-V1). You will find it useful in developing your Spartan-3E FPGA application. The board provides easy to use development platform for implementing digital designs.

Note: This FPGA Development board is fully compatible with Xilinx ISE, EDK, System Generator and ChipscopePro Tools at ease with on-board USB JTAG Interface.


Key Components and Features:
The key features of the VLSI Development board are:
• Spartan-3E XC3S250E/ XC3S500E FPGA  Up to 172 user-I/O pins  208-pin FBGA package  Over 5,000 logic cells
• 2-line, 16-character LCD screen
• One9-pin RS-232 ports
• 32 discrete LEDs and DIP switches
• PS/2 mouse or keyboard port
• Separate VGA display port
• Expansion connectors (16 free user I/O arranged in 10 pin FRC)
• Dual, 8 bit DAC
• 8 bit, 8 channel ADC
• USB interface(type B)
• 8 pushbuttons for trigger, input
• 4 common anode 7-segment LED display
• Buzzer
• RGB Led
• RG Led can used for traffic light controller
• Xilinx 2 Mbit Platform Flash configuration PROM
• On board USB Jtag


  • Product Development
  • Signal Processing
  • Educational tool for schools and universities


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