Spartan 3E FPGA Daughter Board

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Spartan 3e FPGA Development Board

Sp3e_module is an low cost & easy to use FPGA Development board with Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA. Sp3e_module is specially designed for experimenting and learning system design with FPGAs. This development board designed with Xilinx XC6SLX9 TQG144 FPGA with maximum ** user IOs.


  • FPGA: Spartan-6 XC3S250e pq208 package
  • Flash memory: 2Mb SPI flash memory (M25P20)
  • 12MHz oscillator
  • 144 user Ios
  • On-board voltage regulator


  • Product Development
  • Signal Processing
  • Educational tool for schools and universities


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